MSc. in Computer Science

Here is all the information about the pursuit of a Master degree in Computer Science (various degrees).

The idea is to develop an idea that has implications in industry or in academia.

Please, do contact me for more information on how we could engage.

Previous MSc. Dissertations

Role: supervisor
  1. Bhavya Botta. Model extraction and automation using Advanced ML/DL Models on the HIKARI-2021 Dataset, Aston University, 29/12/2023.
  2. Vijay Ram Dayalan Raguram. AI-Driven Fraud Detection and Prevention in e-commerce businesses, Aston University, 09/10/2023.
  3. Amanda Brum de Carvalho. Knowledge retention in computational environment to promote creativity and innovation, 2018.
  4. Júlio Eduardo Forster. Proposal of monitoring system for low capacity airplanes, 2017.
  5. Eduardo Fernando Watte. Global competitivity rate for hospitalar care, 2017.
  6. Daniel Assmann. Risk map recognition system using computer graphics, 2016.